Tales of Old
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Tales of Old,
Stories from The Old Testament

Retold by Clive Johnson.

  Paperback: 11 February 2020.
  eBook: 11 February 2020.
  Audiobook: 18 March 2020.

Tales of Old, Stories from The Old Testament
retold by Clive Johnson

272 pages Paperback 5 ¼ x 8” Trade Paper.
ISBN 978-1-9162276-2-0 (print edition) 978-1-9162276-3-7 (eBook edition).
English language, not illustrated.
Published by Labyrinthe Press in paperback, Kindle and Audible versions.
Distributed by IngramSpark, CreateSpace, and Audible

Audiobook versions: (UK) (USA)

This new work offers a retelling of fifteen of the Old Testament’s best-known stories. Delivered with the color and wonder of the storyteller’s craft, while remaining faithful to the Bible’s presentation, they will delight young and old readers alike.

Please note: Each story presented in the book will also be available as a separate eBook title, and as an Audible audiobook.

Praise for ‘Tales of Old, Stories from The Old Testament’:

"The tales from the Old Testament are as familiar and comfortable as pot roast for Sunday dinner, yet these are new and fresh in lively retellings by Clive Johnson. Using great storytelling techniques and modern language, Johnson makes these tales nearly dance off the pages."

— San Francisco Book Review

"…Accessible, enlightening pieces that lend to read-aloud drama, bringing to life not just the tales but their underlying lessons. These stories don't just lend to read-aloud, but beg to be performed."

– Midwest Book Review

"A read-aloud compilation for children and adults...encouraging a revival of the oral tradition of storytelling."

– BlueInk Review

"…Embracing drama and adventure, but adding the moral, ethical, and spiritual flourishes necessary to open dialogues about the Bible's underlying lessons, making them far more than just a rehash of the originals."

– Midwest Book Review

"Using simple language and vivid imagery, including perspectives on each story’s meaning or lesson...illuminating the modern relevance of these ancient writings."

– BlueInk Review "Christians who look for a better way of imparting these complex messages to a younger audience than is typical for these Old Testament stories will find Tales Of Old, Stories From the Old Testament just the ticket for family enjoyment."

– Midwest Book Review

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Selected excerpt from Tales of Old

Tales of Old

"MANY, MANY YEARS AGO–almost as long as history goes –there once lived an old man named Noah Noah had three sons, one of whom was at times fond of causing mischief. Still, Noah loved his family dearly, but his greatest love was for God.

Every day, Noah would wander to a place where he could be alone to talk with God. He told Him about his problems and concerns, about what he hoped for, and what pleased him, and what he wanted to thank God for. Noah also prayed for his family and his friends, and for all the people of his village and homeland. He prayed for the animals, and thanked God for all the bright colors that he saw around him–the gentle flowers that open their petals to the golden sunlight, the bouncing jewels of white that glisten on the bobbing water of the river, and the endless sparkling of stars that shine brightly in the night sky.

Noah was very thankful, and had much joy in his heart. He listened to God, Who spoke clearly to him, and Noah promised to do whatever God asked of him.

One day, God called Noah and told him to warn his friends, and all the people of the village and his home-land, that God was very sorry that so few people were like Noah. No one else came to speak to Him every day as Noah did, and none would listen to what God wanted them to do.

In fact, many of Noah’s friends thought that he was wasting his time talking with God. They enjoyed them-selves, making merry in the village, sometimes causing mischief, and each pretending that they were more im-portant and deserving of attention than others.

They bought more and more things to keep in their houses, which they thought would make them happy. Some argued among themselves, and even started to fight. They weren't always loving towards their families, and they did many things that upset God very much. Soon, many started to forget God’s love for them, and they turned away from loving Him.

Since God loved everyone very deeply, the people's disobedience made him very upset. Noah too was very troubled by what he saw. Encouraged by God, Noah started to spend more and more of his time pleading with the people to remember God, and to have love for Him in their hearts.

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