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Understanding Interfaith: The What, Why, and Who.

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Understanding Interfaith: The What, Why, and Who by Clive Johnson

140 pages, ISBN 978-1-9997885-0-6.
Available in paperback, eBook and Audible versions. English edition.

Audiobook versions: (UK) (USA)

The practice of interfaith–of different faith communities communicating and co-operating with each other–is nothing new. However, the nature of interfaith activity, and the thinking of those who have an interfaith mindset, stretch well beyond mere talking together and aiming to get along.

Interfaith has become a powerful force for change during recent years. Most established faith traditions have been challenged to consider their own unique viewpoints, while growing numbers of people who shun traditional religions have found new communities to connect with that have grown up under an interfaith banner.

In this innovative book, Clive Johnson explores the wide scope, intentions, and varied initiatives of those who've sought to foster interfaith relationships. He considers the importance of such initiatives for individuals and for society, and looks at the challenges and opportunities that have been presented to the long-established faith traditions.

By demystifying some misconceptions about what interfaith actually is, the book offers a valuable entry point for anyone questioning what interfaith, interfaith ministry, and the so-called ‘interfaith movement’, are about. It answers questions such as how interfaith is relevant for those living in multifaith partnerships and communities, asks whether the rise in interfaith activity calls for a new religion, and distinguishes often misunderstood concepts such as pluralism, ecumenicism, and schism.

The book includes an extensive list of resources, online forums, podcasts, and guidance for finding out more about what is one of the most important topics for spiritual and social development today.

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