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The Complete Guide To Managing People: A manager's essential toolkit for inspiring, challenging and developing staff.

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The Complete Guide To Managing People: A manager's essential toolkit for inspiring, challenging and developing staff by Clive Johnson

377 pages, ISBN 978-0-9570108-0-2, illustrated.
Available as Kindle and ePub eBook versions. English edition.

‘The Complete Guide To Managing People’ is a comprehensive toolkit that will be an invaluable desk-side companion for any manager. Designed especially for use on Kindle, the kit combines practical insights, quick reference guides and a wide range of PDF file templates and tools that can be instantly sent to any email address at the click of a button (Internet access is required to use this option).

Intended to be used by busy managers as an everyday toolkit who need to be able to have tips and readily-available answers in an instant, the guide offers quick ‘off-the-shelf’ guidance and tools to use with staff, featuring:

~ Bullet-point, quick reference tips and guides
~ A comprehensive compendium of illustrated problem solving and decision making techniques for solving common individual and team problems
~ Supporting exercises and briefing note hand-outs for working with staff in both formal settings as well as brief, ad hoc conversations*
~ ‘Off-the-shelf’ guidance notes, question cue sheets, sample dialogues and tools Comprehensive staff management primers covering more than 30 foundation and advanced topics
~ Question line mind maps
~ Actionable techniques and check-lists supporting a wide range of popular topics that can be quickly understood and used without any prior knowledge
~ A simple, shorthand note-taking system
~ A personal learning journal
~ A familiar structure and easy navigation to application-specific sections
~ A specific designed for use with Kindle, smart phones and other devices*.

* The guide offers tools that can be downloaded, printed or sent to an email address when users’ devices are connected to the Internet, whilst serving as a complete stand-alone reference primer when working off-line. High quality images included in the book are also available to view, print or download whilst on-line, complementing the versions included in the text.

Richly illustrated, ‘The Complete Guide to Managing People’ will appeal to users who prefer visual aids as well as those whose preference is for reading text. Topics relevant for a manager's own development are also included.

Piloted by more than 50 organizations, the guide is based on hands-on experience of what really works and what doesn't, keeping a focus on the best elements of practice. Topics referred to cover virtually any everyday situation that a manager may find themselves facing, including how to:

~ Manage anger
~ Become more assertive
~ Handle complexity
~ Form and channel ideas
~ Manage through adversity
~ Have influence
~ Cope with change
~ Develop confidence
~ Make a case with impact
~ Handle objections
~ Prepare for a new role
~ Have productive conversations
~ Manage projects
~ Work remotely
~ Practice smart thinking.

Any manager will be able to start using the tools within 15 minutes of opening the book, and be able to brief themselves to face virtually any staff management need when just a few moments are available to spare. Backed-up with comprehensive know-how and tools, users will become more self-motivated, have higher self worth, be more effective in their interventions with staff and others. This excellent reference tool provides an indispensable addition to any manager’s digital library.

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