Voiceovers—voice talent Clive Johnson

Vocal Description: Calming: Reassuring: Relaxed: Genuine: Tones
Vocal Age Range: 50-60+ yrs.
Native Accent: UK.
Focus: long-form narrative, corporate, explainer videos, documentary, audiobooks, museum guides, storytelling, ACX producer.
Previous Professional Background: Management Consultancy.
Training: narrative recording/editing (BBC), audio production (Audio Masterclass), voiceover performance and audiobook narration (The Showreel).
Microphones: Sennheiser MKH416, Audio-Technica AT2020.

Clive is an accomplished voice artist and experienced audio producer. His rich, natural English, RP accent has been described as "articulate", "authoritative", "warm", "calming", "rooted", and "engaging", and he has attracted widespread positive reviews from receivers of his work. His transparent pricing and full-featured service are complemented by his flexibility and authenticity.

He describes his appeal as offering for listeners a "friendly, trustworthy and engaging voice that quickly feels familiar", and for clients being a "fully flexible, easy to work with and transparent professional, who works well under direction and independently." He offers a simple pricing structure, supplying full rights licensing for his work as a standard, and can source and mix musical accompaniment for any project.

Clive is happy to consider any voice work, either self-produced (optionally with live, remote direction), or at a client's studio location. He uses a well-equipped studio to narrate, edit, and master high quality audio to client requirements. He has been trained in various aspects of audio narration and production by leading organisations, and is fully committed to his own development, seeing every new project as an opportunity to reach a new standard.

Clive's vocal style is well suited to many types of work. In the field of audiobook narration, he offers a storytelling rather than acted style. He is a regular participant in storytelling training and events organized by the School of Storytelling, and has trained in acting and comedy improvization. He works with a professional voice accent coach, Maeve Diamond, to develop a muscle memory that allows him to perform different accents and dialetcs in recording dialogue, as well as to stretch his vocal pitch and range.

His audiobook recording work includes children's tales, adult short stories, fantasy fiction, mystrery and detective fiction, biography, spirituality, philosophy, factual (non-fiction), and more.

To speak with Clive, invite an audition, propose a project, or find out more about his service, please email clive@clivejohnsonvoiceovers.co.uk or telephone +44 (0)7956 942980.

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